Business Voice Nationwide

$38.99 / month

  • Unlimited Nationwide Faxing
  • 100% Reliable and Secure Fax Over IP
  • 256 bit Encryption, Inbound & Outbound Faxes
  • Works Over Satellite Internet, GSM and ADSL
  • Monthly Subscription, No Contract Required
  • Does Not Need To Be Bundled
  • Keep Your Existing Fax Number
  • Work With Existing Devices**
  • Does Not Include Hardware***
  • Hardware Purchased Separately
  • Requires FAXStation Device
  • 100% Managed Configurations
  • 99.999% Uptime Reliability


Unlimited nationwide faxing for all of your employees in the lower 48 states, Hawaii and Canada.  (Does not include Territories.)  High-definition (HD) service delivers clear fax quality.  Use any Internet provider.  Does not need to be bundled with Internet or any other service.

Tired of having T.38 faxing errors stalling your business operations?  Switch to Reliable and Secure Fax-over-IP (FoIP).  T.38 fax solutions are simply not reliable or robust enough to function properly over standard internet connections.  This fax technology was designed from the ground up to address T.38 limitations. Switch to a 100% guaranteed error-free faxing solution from Wingu Technology and enjoy the true analog fax experience without the high cost of an extra PSTN line.  Whether you’re in medical, real estate, legal, offshore communications or any other industry that depends on reliable fax services and wish to enjoy the benefits of VoIP—this is the system you’ve been searching for.

Wingu Technology’s services, or specific features or functionality of the services, may not be available in all locations.  Please contact your sales representative for current availability.

*** Works with a limited list of existing hardware.  We may be able to re-use your existing VoIP phones to deliver voice services.

**** The 99.9% claim is based on Wingu Technology’s average uptime and/or availability.


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