Managed Email

Email is a critical resource and is still the primary channel for business communication.  Email is a powerful tool used for marketing and communicating to potential customers.  Our premium email service allows you to collaborate with your internal team and clients more effectively. This service includes the management and configurations of, but not limited to:

• Secure Hosting for Safe Communications
• Real-Time Synchronization Across All Devices
• Professionally Managed Email Mailboxes
• Installation and Ongoing Maintenance
• Shared Calendars, Address Books and Tasks
• Appointment Scheduling
• Exchange ActiveSync
• Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird, Android, iOS Synchronization
• Web-Based Graphical User Interface Synchronization
• Attachments up to 250MB
• Email Data Backup and Recovery
• Managed Encryption with SSL Certificate Integration
• Protection Against Malicious Email Threats
• Detecting Trojans, Viruses, Malware & Phishing Emails
• Incoming & Outgoing Spam and Virus Detection
• Incoming & Outgoing Email Scans and Monitoring
• Advanced Anti-Spam